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.. Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)


Between the more classic tourist goals there are names that evoke incontaminati natural landscapes and others that must their reputation, instead, to the fascination of their constructions, to their particular style of life. Santa Margherita Ligure does not belong neither to one neither to the other of these categories. Or better: she offers gradevole with of these two aspects that, apparently, seem contrasting. The nature has it favorite and the work of the man, in the centuries, has given prominence to the nature. Indeed, it has made more: it has added something of unmistakable to a already perfect picture. The shapes, the colors, the disposition of its characteristic houses, the rich villas, the large ones lodge design all around its gulf something of similar to a magical glare

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.. Tourist port


Without to forget all the small rituals about satisfying that an indeed ruotano vacation around its calm water mirror that receives, with to the beautifulst "boats" from diporto, a fleet of fishings boat that an ancient tradition of peach and marineria holds high. The famous ones gamberoni of Santa Margherita Ligure are one of the more characteristic and saporite specialties than this drawn of coast. And the premises, the restaurants, lodge to it where to taste this authentic gift of the Mediterranean they are indeed many and several. The choice, an other reason in order to prefer Margherita Saint here

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.. the history  

Santa Margherita Ligure is sure a village of ancient origins. The first document that of it speaks specifically laughed them XII to the century: here it comes indicated like "Saint Margherita di Pescino". In the centuries succeeded to you two are formed distinguished villages, Pescino, exactly, and Court. The baroque closing, a high moment of the from Liguria splendor, has made to rise also remarkable monuments here. Most obvious, what it gives a tone to the entire citizen, it is Centurione villa. Its construction laughed them, for initiative of the Durazzo, to the hardly posterior years to 1560 and "is signed", in all probability, from great architect Galeazzo Alessi. Of the same age the castle situated close to the sea. Remarkable the churches between which the Basilica of S. Margherita di Antiochia, that it encloses in its baroque structure works of genovesi masters (De Ferrari, Castle, Ponsonelli, Carlone).

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